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Q: Do copper peptides actually work or are they just a scam?

A: They’re definitely not a scam. The reason why copper peptides works so well is because they are able to promote the growth of collagen and elastin within the skin. There is one study that found it can do this even better than prescription retinol A formulations. It has valuable antioxidant properties and is able to help uproot damaged skin cells. It also can also improve skin’s texture & appearance by helping with wrinkles & fine lines.

But what they don’t want you to know is that not every copper peptide complex is the same. Using a product with too little or too much won’t produce the desired results. It’s best to use a wrinkle remover cream that contains not only an optimal amount, but also several other proven ingredients as well – the top wrinkle creams available today do just that.


But which product is right for you? Well if you want rejuevenated skin with a glowing appeal then using peptide skin care products might be the perfect regime for you. This eclectic mixture of ingredients combines the traditional synergy of modern science techniques to give you beautiful skin. There are many places to buy these excellent skin products online, and many have their own unique combination of ingredients to give your skin the protection and nourishment it needs. By incorporating one or a few of these products you will be on your way to more radiant skin.

Your Options
What is great about copper peptides skin care is that it comes in a variety of different forms, from moisturizers to serums, to eye creams. Whatever your personal preference is,there will be sure to be a form that is appealing to you and the needs of your skin.

Many of the skin care products that use this chemical compound, also use a combination of other helpful components. Antioxidants are added in conjunction with this protein biproduct to give them even more anti aging benefits and wrinkle defense power. This winning combo gives the consumer much more product for the price, as well as the many benefits associated with both ingredients.

Serums are a good choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of the full effect that is offered with this magnificent compound. Serums have been known for their ability to deeply penetrate the skin and work on not only helping repair the bottom layer, but the top layer of skin as well. This gives it maximum effectiveness that many people stand by.

Some even include other derivatives, such as vitamin C, and vitamin E. Each of these have their special attributes that benefit the skin. Vitamin C is known for helping with acne and aiding in skin cell health, while the copper peptides also have powerful ingredients to help with the appearance of scars.

Vitamin E helps with moisturizing the skin and gives skin the softness and hydration it needs to have that natural glow. When combined with copper peptides, this combination helps with moisturizing and fading of scars.

A Must Have?
Many consider this peptide a “must have” in their skin care regimen… and for good reason! Personally, I prefer a treatment that incorporates not only copper peptides, but several other potent ingredients too – many anti wrinkle treatments do just that. But the next time you compare anti wrinkle creams, remember you want one for you specific skin type. You also want to remember that different formulations are for different skin problems, so keep that in mind.


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