Copper Pillowcase

copper pillowcaseRecently, one of the latest anti-aging claims is copper pillowcase technology. What is it you ask? Well, they say is the best anti wrinkle pillow currently on the market. It incorporates copper threads in its stitching, and when they react with this skin, they reportedly have a number of benefits. But is this product promising or just a waste of money? Here’s my review…

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The Copper Pillowcase Fabric
Right now, there appears to be only one or two manufacturers that make this special fabric. A company called Cuprotex appears to be the leader in this newest invention, and considering they have a patent pending, it’s unlikely they will face much competition. What I found especially intriguing about the fabric is that the copper fibers are actually spun into the yarn – since the copper threads are spun in the yarn, you don’t have to worry about it washing off.

How It Reportedly Benefits The Skin?
Copper is an important component of skin rejuvenation. New capillaries forming in the skin are said to require copper. It is also said that the copper promotes integrin expression as well as stablizes fibronectin – these two molecules are essential and without it collagen would not be able to bind skin cells. By the way it’s important to note that consuming excess copper via a supplement form is a bad idea, because too much in the oral form can be bad for you.

Antimicrobial Properties?
One of the most exciting benefits of the copper pillowcase (and copper peptides for that matter) is that this ingredient has antibacterial properties. Bacteria and metals do not mix well, so this might be great news for acne sufferers that are seeking a natural solution. In fact, reportedly there is not a single microbe on earth that has developed a resistance to copper ions – over time, they kill bacteria and mold. Considering that are faces are smushed in our pillows for one-third of our lives, having on that’s antibacterial is probably a good idea!

How To Care For Your Copper Pillowcase?
Cuprotex advises against using detergent and/or fabric softener. Why? Because it can coat the pillowcase and therefore might make it slightly less effective. Therefore it should be washed without added chemicals.

Is It Worth It?
Fighting wrinkles while I sleep? Sign me up! The manufacturer lays out a very compelling case for using copper-threaded fabric on your pillow. As I said, considering that 1/3 of our life is spent with our face in the pillow, it’s important to use a fabric that helps our skin instead of hurts it. Just think how much damage those rough and abrasive bedding fibers do to our faces – this is especially true for all you side sleepers out there! Using a pillowcase that rejuvenates the skin is a no-brainer if you care about your appearance.